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crack!fic otl

Tittle: Winner
Pairing: Crack Pairing JRSulli/JunhyungSulli/slight!JunSeob
Rating: Angst fluff CRACK IDEK
A/N: This is based on a rp story I have and I just had to write it because ;; it got me sad i don't know /sobs I'm so stupid ;u; but.. Eish <3
Summary: Jinri is a weird girl.

JinRi didn't like to loose. In fact, she hated it. She hated it as much as she hated when Amber ate all the food Victoria omma made for them or as much as she hated when her unnies and Krystal made fun of her height, and yes -she really hates that kind of things; she can be such a kid sometimes. When JinRi looses something her world falls apart and she's angry all the time until she forgets it and focuses on anything else -and it is not easy, because she's such a kid it's difficult to find a new toy for baby Sulli.
JinRi is not supposed to fall in love, because if she does, she knows she's going to loose eventually and that makes her uncomfortable. She wanted to have fun with girls -because Sulli's such a kid she believes that being bisexual or lesbian is not a big deal, she believes it's something you can take or leave when you decide to; but she ends up dating with a boy, a boy who is younger than her just for one year but, hey, Sulli is such a kid, she still looks like a baby in front of Jr. He means the world for her, because Jr lets her win at almost everything, even when she says "I love you more!" he'd always patt her head nodding withthat bright smile of his
"Of course, baby"
But JinRi starts loosing when she starts missing her boyfriend, when she has no time to see him and cuddle with him, because Sulli is such a kid, she got used to that thin body sleeping with her. When Sulli had some free time, he'd just call her and apologize because he had to stay with Pledis Family -'Pledis noonas' Sulli thought, because she's such a kid she thinks the person who loves her the most would enjoy the company of sexier noonas more than her company. She'd talk to her band members about this, and they all say that she's overreacting, that she has to have more confidence in Jr and in herself because Sulli is such a child, she thinks she's not enough for his beloved one.
She meets Junhyung in a cold winter day, one of those days when she's missing his boyfriend. He's as cold as the freezing wind that hits her face but she thinks that's amazing -because Sulli's such a kid she thinks she can melt a guy like him. He acts like if he does not care about her, smiles too little and talks almost nothing, but JinRi enjoys his company a lot because -hey, Sulli is such a kid she thinks she has found a new toy. JunHyung starts talking a lot about this Hara girl, and Sulli gets mad -mad, not jealous, because jealousy IS losing and she's not giving in so easily. Junhyung just shrugs at her attitude and looks away.
"I'm not a toy, JinRi."
And he's right, because no, Junhyung could not have Hara but Sulli could have Jr. She knew that she was wrong, but Sulli is such a kid she couldn't bare to loose Jr, or Junhyung. Not because she loved them both, just because JinRi hates to loose, and she hates it as much as she hates Goo Hara and Hello Venus.
But after a brief two months anniversary celebration with her boyfriend, she shares her first kiss with Junhyung. It's painful and tastes like salt because of her tears, because that day he told her how much he really loved her. And, Sulli is such a child she couldn't even respond properly, because she's not supposed to love, at least not two persons at once. She hates the world for a week or two, staying at home with her leader and receiving a lot of food and atention -because Sulli is such a kid everyone in her group knows when she needs a hug or just a "How are you, sweetie?"
Junhyung always warned her about how he had no patience at all -she'd always reply with a "Babo" and a chuckle, because Sulli is such a kid she can't take people seriously when they tell her she's going to loose. Jr has now more time with her and Junhyung claims to be sick, so she's having a re-encounter with an old but pretty toy, remembering why she choose it two months and 10 days ago. But Sulli is such a kid she can't forget about her new toy so easily, so she calls Junhyung one more time.
But Junhyung had forgotten about her, not because he did not love her, just because he really had no more patience -and he wouldn't tell, but he was tired of crying over someone who didn't really care about him; cause "if she cared she would've choosen me."
She sees a happier Junhyung smiling and even laughing with his bandmate Yoseob and she thinks that it's better off this way, because JinRi hates to loose and if she was sad she had lost, so yes, it was better off this way. Because Jr let her win at almost everything, especially when Sulli is being a kid and asks why he spends so much time with sexier noonas.
"Sexy is nothing, you're the most beautiful girl in the world"

"That means i'm the winner, right?"

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